12/7/2021 After a rotation earlier in the semester, Biophysics graduate student Armine Dingilian will officially join the group. Welcome Armine!

8/16/2021 Graduate student Lakshmy Priya Ajayakumar has been awarded the Victor E. Buhrke Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations Lakshmy!

3/1/2021 Chemistry graduate student Lakshmy Priya Ajayakumar joins the group. Welcome Lakshmy!

2/8/2021 Biophysics graduate student Swastik Hegde officially joins the group. Welcome Swastik!

10/26/2020 Chemistry graduate students Cheyenne Mitchell and David Durden join the group. Welcome Cheyenne and David!

8/1/2020 Mikael officially starts as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry